Server Management

Softileo can assist in overseeing your hosted server infrastructure. You can leverage our server management services to direct attention to your core business. Paired with Server Management Services and your preferred hosted infrastructure, Softileo can aid in reaching your business objectives and maintaining focus on your core operations

All-in-one solution for outsourced server management.

  • Cloud Services.
  • Support for Web Hosting.
  • External Technical Support.
  • Management of Game Servers.
  • Management of AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • NOC Support.
  • Management of Plesk.
  • Management of cPanel.
  • Infrastructure Management.
  • Server Management Services.

Softileo understands servers better than anyone else.

From Softileo, your customers receive round-the-clock technical support from our certified, experienced, and qualified system administrators. You can save money, time, and significant effort, allowing you to profitably focus on promoting your core services. By choosing Softileo to assist your customers, they will benefit from the following distinctive features provided by us.

Helpline and Chat Support for Emergencies

Softileo can promptly and reliably provide recommendations for even the most complex server issues, ensuring swift resolution over the phone or through chat support. Our experienced team is ready to assist you with comprehensive solutions.

Secure Infrastructure with High-level Protection

Access to ServerAdminz premises is restricted through biometric access control, and the facility is continuously monitored by 24/7 video surveillance. Additionally, client information is securely stored in the internal KB server, accessible only from the private network.

Response Time Within 20 Minutes

Customers can consistently expect prompt technical assistance from a team of highly skilled professionals. Our dedicated experts are committed to delivering swift and effective support, ensuring that your technical concerns are addressed with expertise and efficiency.

Exclusive Skype Rooms

Assigned administrators receive individual Skype logins, and a dedicated Skype room is created for streamlined communication and efficient collaboration with the client, fostering quick updates and seamless coordination.

Dedicated NOC Team

A dedicated #NOC team of experts will monitor the infrastructure around the clock, 365 days a year, responding promptly to all alerts to ensure competency is met. Our swift and efficient response guarantees the continuous stability and reliability of your systems.

Features of the Privilege Club

The ServerAdminz Privilege Club is our expression of gratitude. As a member, you'll enjoy exclusive privileges and special offers. Join now to elevate your experience with additional benefits tailored just for you.



What is server management, and why is it important?


Server management involves overseeing and maintaining server infrastructure to ensure its optimal performance, security, and reliability. It is crucial for the smooth operation of websites, applications, and other services.


What types of servers can be managed?


Server management covers a wide range of servers, including web servers, database servers, application servers, and file servers. It applies to both physical and virtual servers.


How often should server backups be performed?


Regular backups are essential for data protection. The frequency of backups depends on the nature of the data and business requirements. Typically, daily or incremental backups are recommended.


What security measures are implemented in server management?


Security in server management involves regular updates, patch management, firewall configuration, intrusion detection, and continuous monitoring. Best practices are followed to safeguard against cyber threats.

Why Choose Us for Server Management

At Softileo, we understand the critical role that a well-managed server infrastructure plays in the success of your business. Here's why choosing us for server management is your best decision: